Sunday, September 4, 2011


Whenever ya see a venture labeled 'Project', it is pretty certain there are pipe dreams involved.

Ya know, projecting things forward, never to be accomplished because it seems like a good idea at the time.

Well, that kinda thinking has given PROJECTING a bad name...guilt by association, if you will.

Projecting a far out, positive thought into the public consciousness becomes more and more difficult as the level of suspicion about virtually everything gets thicker and thicker...( rightfully so, I might add...the level of pure BS is neck deep and rising ).

That said, my entire purpose relies on PROJECTING the COMSATG2 concept into the public consciousness.

Can you say Rock and a Hard Place?

Or, even better, ( since we have recurring nautical themes running through the dialog ), betwixt Scylla and Charybdis.

That's enough for now, gotta get back to projecting this project.



Monday, August 29, 2011


Finally...Full Circle.



Here's a nice Lynn Story from a few years ago...

The Author, Noth Shoa is a salty ol' dog who spends all his time around boatyards, barrooms, and beaches...he's got a lot to say about Lynn...

Down the Beach...Noth Shoa...6.5.02...

It really is fun, just enjoyin' the day "Down the Beach".

That's where you'll find me, at every opportunity.
I love this place.
The 'ever shifting sand' nature of the beach is an elixir.

The shoreline and the sand change constantly.
One can walk the beach daily, and never repeat the same scenery.

In fact, if one walks the full length of the beach, the scenery will have changed for the return trip.

Look up at the sky.

Changes will be happening before your very eyes.

Look down at the oceans edge.

The tide will bring all manner of seaborne objects to your feet.

Not everything that floats in is pretty, but that's life!

These changes refresh the spirit.

Life, itself, is taking place all around.

Here, "Down the Beach", life takes place with a greater sense of joy.

Each breath renews and replenishes.

The oxygen enriched air is a natural elixir.

A sense of well being exists.

How could anyone not love this shore?

Standing at the water's edge, squinting into the sun, envisioning that beyond the horizon, sent me far and wide.

Returning feels great.

The entire journey/voyage was filled with visions of return.
It is said, in literature, that "You can't go home again."


If home is some Kodak moment from the past, the adage will ring true.

When home is that place where sea, sand, and sky meet, change is to be expected.

There are no stale memories.

They have flown with the ocean breeze.

There is only the reminder that life is change.

Upon returning, one is the same, but different, like the shoreline.

Now, about that journey/voyage...

Zowie, Kids, there's a lot beyond the horizon.

I'm fortunate enough to have experienced quite a bit of it.

Hopefully, I have learned something, and have something to offer.

It's time to find out...STAY TUNED...





Thursday, August 25, 2011


So far, we've been talking strictly Local.

It's all about Lynn and future prospects for The Community.

But, we can't just sit home and wait.

The Harbor is an opening to the entire world.

A world desperately in need of goods and services.

Lynners are good at that...providing goods and services to the public.

We just never found time to realize that the goods and services needed have changed over time.

When one is a working stiff, there's not much time to consider the high minded options involved in future building.

It takes everything ya got to keep a roof over yer head and food on the table.

Well, by virtue of a unique sequence of events and several foolish decisions, I found myself with the time to do just that.

The hope of "Teacher by Default" is...

Present what I have learned to this Community.

And make the knowledge of great value to and elsewhere...but here, first and foremost.

Here is where it all started, after all.


Take a full 180.

Remember the old saying, "Think Local, Act Global."?

It has gone from being a bumper sticker on old Volvos, to an integral aspect of every day life.

Virtually everything you touch has Global Connections.

Check out the grocery store.

For example...the Economy of Chile is greatly dependent upon you to purchase inedible fruit which has been grown, handled, and shipped by Chileans.

Buy peaches, some plums, and whatever other varieties your Local Market features from Chile.

They are labeled as such.

Carry your purchase home, wash everything well, and put on a blindfold.

Have someone cut a piece from the nicest looking one and hand it to you.

Eat it blind.

Now tell me which fruit you just ate.

No can do.

They all taste exacly alike with zero pleasing texture ( no matter how long they sit and 'ripen' ), and have very little nutritional value because the flesh is indigestible.

Everyone knows about belly aches from eating green apples.

All that acidic, unripened fruit sits and overpowers your stomach juices.

And the whole mess lingers in your digestive system for a day or so.

Take note of how you feel an hour after eating your shiny, beautiful Chilean fruit.

Same, same, eh?

Yet, those rock hard pellets generate millions of dollars in their travels from the groves of Chile to your table.

They are an essential Global Commodity.

This is but one example of the Global Nature of everyday life.

The Local Aspect of the Chilean Fruit Saga provides jobs, brightly fills displays in super markets, and makes you feel like you're doing the right thing by eating fresh fruit year round.

Every nutritional chart shows the value of fruit in a balanced diet.

Unfortunately, the figures used to represent the benefits are dependent upon real fruit.

You would get as much nutritional value by eating the packaging your Chilean fruit comes in.

And, probably not much worse of a belly ache.


That's the 'Necessary Evil' portion of Going Global in its early stages.

We are the Guinea Pigs for our own future.

Can Humans adapt to our own actions?

Can we live on Cellulosic Fiber and energy drinks with nutritional supplements?

That's the type of thing on the minds of Global Futurists with an Economic Agenda.

Recyclable packaging that can be eaten and processed by Humans into bodily waste is on the horizon...BETCHA!

Bubble Pac en Brochette sounds good...don'tcha think?

We'll see!


Saturday, August 20, 2011


What's the point?


A new, brighter outlook in Lynn.


That's why it's EASY SCHOOL.

I wanna make it easy for you to get the pitcha so everything will work smoothly.

All ya gotta do is catch on and TALK IT UP!

If Lynners can spend decades rooting for The Blue Line and Pro Sports along the Lynnway, we can certainly put in a few minutes learning how to accomplish something truly amazing while boosting the Local Economy by leaps and bounds.

Don'tcha think?


This is the cover to 'The Easiest Self Help Book Ever'.

It's so easy you don't even have to buy one.

Click here for AMAZON KINDLE.

Read the product description and click the preview.

It tells ya everything ya need to know.


Friday, August 19, 2011


It's late summer 2011.

Holy Shit!

What a friggin' mess.

Time to head for the hills.

But, seriously Folks...

Think of the old saying, "One Man's Trash is another Man's Treasure."

Update it to "One Man's Global Crisis is another Man's Golden Opportunity."

Right now, we have Global Crisis upon Global Crisis.

That means there are Golden Opportunities everywhere.





Thursday, August 18, 2011

A GRIN FOR LYNN...with a lesson thrown in...


LYNNKID will introduce you to COMSATG2.

COMSATG2 will brighten the future for every Human on Planet Earth.

And, it will happen in Lynn, if my educational program works as planned.

To learn the LYNNKID link above.

ENJOY as you learn...that's the real secret!


Whatever you learn...TALK IT UP!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Those who can, do...

Those who can't, teach...

When I could, I the fullest extent of my abilities.

Now I can't...due to age, injuries, and my own foolishness.

So it's Teacher by Default.

Fortunately, my abilities took me far and the foolishness taught me a lot.

Hopefully, I can use all my 'School of Hard Knocks' acquired knowledge to demonstrate greater wisdom in future choices.

Impulse Control is widely considered a Key to Civilization.

I'm gonna give it a try, in the name of turning a wide range of valuable knowledge into essential wisdom.

That's Lesson One...make the best of whatchagot...Stay Tuned!


NOTE...the images at page bottom link to background material...starting with raw climate crisis response/reaction from 2007...follow the the links to get the full picture.

Catch up with the proceedings...COMSATG2 will make more sense if ya and read...Enjoy!